Taibang Wear Resistant Metal Technology Ltd. is an expert of wear-resistant spare parts for mining machinery with its foundry established in year 2005.

We are dedicated to supply durable, affordable and reliable spare parts, owning product lines covering wear-resistant parts in the industry of mining, cement plants, aggregate industries, metal scrap shredding, solid waste recycling as well as other universal cast steel and cast iron parts, among which our competitive products are modified high-manganese steel wear-resistant parts (Mn13Cr2,Mn18Cr2,Mn22Cr)(within 10 tons), high chrome cast iron blow bars (Cr27Mo1,Cr27,Cr18,Cr13), alloy steel hammers, high chrome composite wear-resistant liner with ceramic and other parts for various crushers. Being used for many years by end users in both domestic and overseas markets, our “TB” brand wear-resistant parts have withstood the tests and won good reputation not only in China but also in the markets like North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East and so on.

In China, we have one production base in Shaoguan city and a service base for foreign trade marketing in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province which create one-stop full service from R&D, manufacturing, inspection, packing, export transportation and marketing service.

We own one set of intermediate frequency furnace with capacity of 8 tons and two sets of that with capacity of 2 tons. We use argon blowing and refining in both furnaces and ladles, which is then aligned with bottom pouring ladles and thus can ensure the purity of molten steel, good microstructure and reliable product quality.

We own advanced production lines with alkaline phenolic resin sand molding process, one lifting type sand mixer with capacity of 40 tons, two sand mixers with capacity of 20 tons and three foundry jolters.The precision of the casting dimensions reaches level 12 and precision of the casting surfaces is high. According to different needs of high and middle end customers, our rational use of quartz sand and chromite sand ensures the effective refinement of grain size and improves the wear-resistance of castings.

We own four large-scale and rapid quenching furnaces (3.5m*3m*2.3m), three sealed box type quenching furnaces and one tempering furnace. The rapid quenching mechanism can fully meet the time of entering water for manganese steel and alloy steel which is less than 42 seconds from opening furnace to entering water, thus can effectively control the stability of the microstructure and ensure the mechanical property of castings, so as to get the best product performance.

We have a complete product inspection system with rapid analysis spectrometer, molding sand inspection equipment, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic flaw detector, universal testing machine, impact testing machine and hardness tester. The entire production and inspection processes have passed the ISO9001-2015 and we have been carrying out them strictly in daily operation.

We equip with 15 vertical lathes machines, 2 planning machines, 3 milling machines, 2 boring machines and other machines which can enable us to finish the machining of products from all our production lines and ensure an output capacity of 15000 tons of high quality wear-resistant parts every year.

Furthermore, we have never been satisfied with the status quo and never stopped technology improvement or innovation. Through periodical technology communication, experience sharing, as well as new product research and development together with domestic and overseas institutes or fellow traders of wear-resistant material, "TB" brand products are able to constantly adapt to fickle and fierce international market. Now Taibang has been an OEM parts supplier for several world-famous crusher manufacturers.